Biological products have been used in agriculture for years; biological cleaner emerged in professional pest management some years ago. Their use in the washroom environment has been a proven solution in Europe since the mid-1990's but only recently in Australia.

Originally designed as drain cleaners, they are now also being used to clean grease-covered surfaces in kitchens and dumpsters, and to eliminate odours that arise from organic residues. The same principle is used to treat uric salt contamination in washrooms and associated pipes.

Bacteria colonies grow and reproduce rapidly until the food source or target substrate is eliminated. When that happens, the bacteria become inactive. If the bacteria are vegetative, they die when their food is gone. If the bacteria are spore-forming, they will remain dormant but ready to re-activate when more "food" is available.

The use of biological products with waterless urinals is now proven beyond doubt.




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BioSolve Environmental (AUST) Pty Ltd is the authorised Australia and Asia distributor partner for Bio-Productions UK, a recognised and awarded company which seeks to promote the use of these products instead of the "me too" standard chemicals that often are either too agressive, environmentally unfriendly, unsafe, hazardous or just plain ineffective masking agents. The biological cleaning process is effective, delivers quick odour management results and with regular use will assist in maintaining a clean washroom.

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